We are the first company in Taiwan that follows international standards and human centric lighting design guidelines. We aim to integrate human centric lighting, LED luminaires and smart lighting control systems as a total solution of lighting that provides great energy saving and high visual comfort to your lit environment.

With state-of-the-art technologies, our services have the following advantages:

  • Our 3D modelling with quantitative analysis of daylighting and artificial lighting will meet the needs of your projects for various design styles.
  • Our reliable analysis in lighting and colour quality has an accuracy value of up to 90%.
  • Our human centric lighting designs are based on quantitative research findings and will be presented in a user friendly fashion.
  • Our energy saving lighting design closely follows EN12464 guidelines, and ensures your power consumption saving by up to 90%.
  • Our healthful lighting solutions closely follow international standards and enhance visual comfort by up to 45%.
  • Our wide collaborations with local and international companies in lighting and control systems help ensure the success of our integrated services in lighting for various lit environments.
Accurate analysis of power consumption and visual comfort

Example 1: office lighting
  • Energy saving by 38% compared with power consumption of previously existing LED light sources
  • Colour constancy is better maintained with or without natural lighting coming from windows
  • Work performance is enhanced by 45%

Example 2: supermarket lighting
  • Energy saving by 41% and 35% compared with power consumption of previously existing LED and fluorescent light sources, respectively
  • Visual comfort is enhanced by 90%
  • Light pollution is reduced by 70%